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Which ones are, or should be, canonical

The A List: movies that everyone should see

If there is something that constitutes the canon for film viewers (at least in English, or with English sub-titles), these are the movies that should be that canon. Most of these are somewhat older films: it's not that contemporary films aren't good but that it takes a while for a film to show if it ages well or was just a flash in the pan, so to speak.

I am sure that I have missed somebody's favorites, but then again some of my favorites are not on others' lists; so there! So, start watching!

The cream of the crop: here are my four stars

In no particular order

The A- List:

not-quite at the four-star level, but still a good watch

In no particular order

More noteworthy films:

Again, in no particular order



Spectacular Flops:

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