Turbine Steamer Queen Mary II

She didn't make it.

Right now, she's a floating restaurant in London, quite close to where her sister Caledonia used to be moored.

( Caledonia used to be a Clyde Steamer, was converted to a floating restaurant in London (I've eaten there ) and then, one night, burned to the waterline. I'm told her engines are still preserved somewhere..)

But I digress.

If you want to see T.S. Queen Mary in her current state, click here. Hey, it's better than being cans of moggy food, and they've restored her two funnels, so it's better than nothing.

Not a lot better, though.....
Here's her picture again. Full size. It's the least I can do.
T.S. Queen Mary II
Most of the Clyde Steamers went to the Breakers Yard.
A small percentage became floating restaurants.
I suppose you could say that Queen Mary II was lucky. To see if Waverley fared any better, click on her image.
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