Clyde Steamer Links

Paddle Steamer Waverley: schedules and news. Maybe she's coming to a town near you. .
. The Paddle Steamer Preservation Society.
For lots of pictures of paddle steamers, including some never published before, try Tom Lee's Paddle Steamer Picture Gallery. .
. Caledonian MacBrayne. There are still boats on the Clyde - they're just not steamers. Try the official page for schedules.
. Queen Mary II. If you don't mind sitting on a boat that can't move, and you want to see what a Clyde Steamer looked like inside, here's the website of the QM floating restaurant.
Queen Mary. And talking of ships that can't move, here's Big Sister.
. Isle of Bute. If you can't make it to the Clyde, the Isle of Bute Website will give you an idea of what you're missing.
.. or try the Largs homepage .
. Video History Scotland A unique series of historic Video titles of Scotland and its Maritime and Railway history, particularly Clyde Paddle Steamers and places of the River Clyde and Loch Lomond covering the famous Paddle Steamer PS Waverley and many others.

Well, I'm done. Hope you enjoyed these fragments.
You can still have a trip on the one remaining Clyde Steamer, and who knows, maybe the QM2 might run again - given enough money and support.
There's plenty of other restored shipping out there, and a fair amount needing restoration, so help any groups you come across.
Don't forget that scores of steamers can never be recovered: maybe you shaved with part of one this morning.
Do what you can - once they are gone, that's it. Diesels just aren't the same.

The pictures on this site were all taken by me, so I've got copyright. If you want to take copies, it's all right. (I wouldn't mind a mention, though.)

If any of my information is dodgy, or if you disagree, or if you just want to natter about Clyde Steamers, drop me a line .

The steamer in the background shots is Waverley, taken from Skermorlie after our trip. She was heading up river to her dock in Glasgow.

(I would have liked to have linked to the Gourock, Greenock and Rothesay home pages, but my search engine drew a blank. If you know a suitable URL, please drop me a line.)


Doug Urquhart