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Please note -- not all of this information is verified; some that was is may no longer be up to date (things change; word doesn't get around). If you have anything to contribute please let me know!

Getting To Selkirk

Selkirk Yard is south of the City of Albany in Albany County. It is in the southern part of the Town of Bethlehem between State Routes 9W and 32.

For visitors to the area:

  • From the north (southbound on I-87, the Adirondak Northway), leave I-87 at the Thruway interchange, Exit 1, for I-90 EAST: Albany/Boston -- do not get on the Thruway -- and take this about two miles to Exit 4, State Route 85 south. Proceed as below for NY-85 south from I-90.

  • From the west (eastbound on I-90, the Thruway), leave the Thruway at Exit 24, the I-87/I-90 interchange, and follow I-90 eastbound (Albany/Boston) to Exit 4, State Route 85 south. Proceed as below for NY-85 south from I-90.

  • NY-85 south from I-90, proceed through the traffic circles, following 85 south, to the traffic circle in front of the Price Chopper shopping center. Continue straight (around the circle to the opposite side), leaving 85 (which exits the circle at the first right) and onto State Route 140. Where Route 140 turns left (at the first light, just after crossing above the former D&H right-of-way) proceed straight ahead through the intersection onto County Route 52. Continue straight on Route 52 to join State Route 32. Proceed south on Route 32 to Feura Bush. See the "getting around Selkirk" directions below.

  • N.B., if you are inbound from the north or west and you really want to go directly to CP-SK you can take the Thruway to Exit 22 and proceed as below for From Exit 22.

  • From the south (on the Thruway, northbound on I-87), leave the Thruway at the Selkirk exit, Exit 22. Proceed as below for From Exit 22.

  • From the east (on the Thruway's Berkshire Spur, e.g., inbound from the Mass. Pike westbound on I-90), stay on the Thruway: do not exit the Thruway to follow I-90 to Albany! Proceed to I-87 northbound and leave the Thruway at the Selkirk exit, Exit 22. Proceed as below for From Exit 22.

  • From Exit 22, Make a right turn onto State Route 144 and a right turn onto State Route 396 westbound and proceed across the Albany Secondary. See the "getting around Selkirk" directions below.

From Albany Proper, there are a number of options:

  • From western Albany (SUNY main campus, Crossgates Mall, State Office Campus), take State Route 85 south and proceed as above for NY-85 south from I-90.

  • From downtown,
    • From the Washington Park, Albany Medical Center area, take New Scotland Avenue south to the State Route 85 circle and proceed onto State Route 140 as above for NY-85 south from I-90.

    • From the Empire State Plaza, Lincoln Park, Lark Street area, take Delaware Avenue (State Route 443) south through Delmar (under the D&H), past State Route 140, to County Route 52; make a left turn onto Route 52 and proceed as above for NY-85 south from I-90.

    • From the Broadway, Pearl Street area, take State Route 9W south. See the "getting around Selkirk" directions below.

  • From the Port area, take State Route 144 south to State Route 396; turn right onto State Route 396 westbound and proceed across the Albany Secondary. See the "getting around Selkirk" directions below.

Getting Around Selkirk

From route 9W in Selkirk (heading south):

  1. turn right at the flashing traffic light onto County Route 55 (Creble Road) and continue approximately two miles: County Route 53 joins from the north; continue on Routes 55/53 to where Route 53 turns left (sign for South Albany Airport); turn left to Jericho Bridge;
    -- or --
  2. proceed to the traffic light, State Route 396, and turn right to reach the Route 396 Bridge (Mosher Bridge) and the drill tracks;
    -- or --
  3. stay on Route 9W to reach CP-SK

From CP-SK:

  • take Route 9W north to Route 396 west to reach the Route 396 Bridge (Mosher Bridge) and the drill tracks.
  • From the Route 396 Bridge (Mosher Bridge) continue west on Route 396 to the intersection with County Route 53; make a right turn on Route 53 to reach Jericho Bridge

From Route 396 in the hamlet of Selkirk (where Route 396 crosses the Albany Secondary), coming from the Thruway:

  1. make a left turn to reach CP-SK,
    -- or --
  2. proceed straight on Route 396 across State Route 9W to reach the Route 396 Bridge (Mosher Bridge) over the drill tracks

From Route 32 in Feura Bush

  1. the Route 32 bridge goes over the west end of the yard; to the west is CP-FB and further west (just out of sight) is CP-Unionville; to the east are (from north to south) the Top End, main track one leaving North Departure in the distance, and the leads to the Inbound yard. Inbound track 11 is the southernmost track here.
    • This would be a nice place but there is heavy traffic over the bridge that, while not particularly hazardous, is quite unpleasant.
  2. Just north of the bridge, turn onto County Route 55 (Creble Road); take Route 55 approximately two miles to County Route 53 (sign for South Albany Airport) and turn right to Jericho Bridge

From the south side of Jericho Bridge:

  • make a left turn at the T-intersection and proceed east on County Route 53 to the T-Intersection with State Route 396
  • make a left turn on Route 396 to reach the Route 396 Bridge (Mosher Bridge)

Jericho Bridge

Although the bridge is now closed to vehicular traffic, as of November 2012 it may still be walked and remains one of the more interesting vantage points for watching yard activity (word is that plans are still afoot to remove it). The road crosses over (in sequence) the Auto Facility, North Departure, the locomotive facility/fuel plant, and the Inbound yard. To the east are the hump and South Departure. Many people from around the northeast gather at the south side of the bridge, from where excellent views of yard activity, espeically in the fuel plant, locomotive facility, the hump and the inbound yard are visable. The Albany Division offices are on the right, but don't park in the lot; park anywhere on the sides of the roads.

Food and Lodging near Selkirk Yard

Believe it or not, nine miles from the Capitol Building of the State of New York is deep in farm country: cows and corn line State Route 32 north of the yard. Don't expect much out here.

The nearest facilities to Jericho Bridge are at South Albany Airport, which has rest rooms and a soda machine (Coke for $0.75 -- a real bargain!). Also, if I'm around, ask for a flight over the yard.

Feura Bush has a Stewart's just south of the yard on Route 32, along with some pizza and a diner. On the Route 9W side there are a Stewart's and a deli between CP-SK and Route 396.

To the north, but not quite all the way to Albany, the village of Delmar (take Route 32 north to where it makes a hard right turn at an intersection -- don't make the turn but go straight onto County Route 52; turn right onto State Route 443, Delaware Avenue) has a variety of delis and diners, pizza and fast-food establishments. Try Swifty's (formerly BEFF's) for a pub-type alternative to fast-food or pizza. Also to the north -- on the Route 9W side -- there are a couple of shopping plazas in Glenmont: try Angella's Pizza in the Price Chopper plaza on the east side of 9W; a short distane further north is the Wal-Mart/Lowes plaza with the typical fare.

The nearest lodging is probably the Day's Inn in Glenmont on Route 9W, just south of Thruway Exit 23 (518.465.8811). For other accomodations, Let's Go recommends Pine Haven Bed & Breakfast, 531 Western Avenue (near a "'Mohawk & Hudson Railroad' Historical Marker"), at $25/night with parking in the rear (518.482.1574); also, Motel 6, 100 Watervliet Avenue (I-90 exit 5, Everett Road, south one block to Watervliet Avenue -- right by the New York Central West Albany Yard), with singles for $40, doubles for $46 (518.438.7447) [the only known active CSX caboose in the Capital District has operated from this yard]. For the budget traveller, there are N.Y. State camping facilities nearby open from spring to fall.

Albany proper has many interesting places to dine. For Pizza, try Pizza 54, 54 North Pearl Street, which has an aeronautical motif. Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Middle Eastern, and eclectic American food may be found on Lark Street (the north extension of Delaware Avenue) and its immediate environs (Madison Avenue, Washington Avenue, Central Avenue). On Lark Street, take particular note of Bomber's Buritos Bar, 258 Lark Street, Albany, 12210 offers fast-food Mexican; Sukhothai, 254 Lark Street, Albany, 12210 (518.463.0223) for Thai, or The Daily Grind, 204 Lark Street, Albany, 12210 (518.427.0464) with a variety of coffees and sandwiches may be had. Nearby, next to the CP tracks north of Kenwood, is Albany Pump Station, 19 Quackenbush Square, Albany, 12207 (518.447.9000) is a classic brew pub.

In Delmar (north of the yard, take NY-32 north, go straight at the first light where 32 turns right onto the bypass, and then right at the next light onto Delaware Avenue) are Shalimar, 3180 Delaware Avenue, Delmar, 12054 (518.439.4200), an excellent choice for Middle Eastern dishes, and the aforementioned Swifty's, 367 Delaware Ave, Delmar, 12054 (518.475.1111) for pub fare.

Check out the "Restaurants and Accomodations" listings at Capital Connections, The Albany County Convention & Visitors Bureau (E-Mail:, or some of the other references we have in the Travel Information section of our Links Page for more ideas.

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