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30 July 2007

Credit goes to the Selkirk Branch group on Yahoo for the following information.

Some new looks and changes are coming to the Selkirk Branch. At CP-VO a new interlocking will begin roughly 700 feet west of Main Street. It will only consist of a pair of crossovers. Updating to the crossings at the current VO will also occur. New Safetran signals will be installed from Game Farm Rd to the bridges at the Watervliet Reservoir.

Selkirk Yard Expansion

23 May 2007

Credit goes to the Selkirk Branch group on Yahoo for the following information.

more or less verbatim

CSXT has asked the NYSDOT to replace Ben's Bridge because CSXT wants to expand Selkirk Yard. CSXT wants to expand the receiving yard so they will not have trains sitting on the mainlines, clogging the Selkirk Branch for other trains to get out or bypass. Also, CSXT is putting in four new Selkirk Runners to expedite intermodals through Selkirk from Boston and River Lines.

If you go take a ride to Selkirk, notice they put up a new MOW base right where the former CR softball field is. CSXT is going to demolish the old white MOW building and truck parking to make way for the new Selkirk Runners. I think they are expanding the receiving tracks by 8 or 10 more tracks. The 2 tracks that are the old runners (next to the dispatcher building) will be converted to arrival yard tracks.

Ben's Bridge to be Replaced

22 May 2007

Credit goes to the Selkirk Branch group on Yahoo for the following information.



Apparently the following notice is flawed: the meeting is actually on WEDNESDAY, May 30, 2007, which was reportedly verified.




Public Information Open House for replacement of the
County Route 53 (Old School Road, known formerly as 
Jericho Road) bridge over CSXT Selkirk Yard.


Thursday, May 30, 2007

6:30 to 8:30 p.m.


A.W. Becker Elementary School, 1146 Route 9W Selkirk, NY


To solicit comments on the proposed project from
individuals, groups, officials and local agencies. 
The County is specifically soliciting comments on 
the project's social, economic and environmental effects.

The purpose of the meeting is to present alternatives and obtain comments on the 
proposed project from individuals, groups, 
officials, and local agencies.  The County is specifically soliciting comments on
the developed alternatives for the project and 
comments on the project's social, economic and environmental effects.  This public
information meeting is part of the continuing 
efforts by Albany County, the New York State Department of Transportation and the
Federal Highway Administration to encourage public 
input into the development of transportation projects.

The Open House will be an informal setting. There will be a short presentation
given, and then representatives will be available to 
answer your questions about the project.  Exhibits of the proposed plans will be
available for viewing. Please advise Albany County 
if a sign language interpreter or any other accommodations will be required to
facilitate your participation in this Open House.

Comments or questions about the project may be directed to:

Tony Papile

Clough Harbour & Associates LLP,
III Winners Circle, Albany, 
New York 12205

(518) 453-3961


CSXT To Convert To Alpha Symbols

1 October 2004

Credit goes to the Conrail Technical Society for the following information.


CSXT will be changing to an alpha system for their road train symbols in the near future. The current projected list of CSXT symbols for train origin and destination locations is as follows:

Symbol Destination
ALS Alton & Southern St. Louis, MO gateway
AND Andrews, SC
ATL Atlanta, GA (Hulsey)
ATK Atkinson, KY
AUG Augusta, GA
AYR Ayer, MA
BAL Baldwin, FL
BAR Barber Station, MA
BBV Baltimore, MD (Bay View)
BCB Baltimore, MD (Curtis Bay)
BIR Birmingham, AL
BLP Baltimore, MD (Locust Point)
BNS Chicago, IL (Calumet)
BOS Boston, MA (Beacon Park)
BPM Baltimore MD (Penn Mary Import-Export)
BRC Chicago, IL (Clearing Yard)
BRU Bruceton, TN
BUF Buffalo, NY (Frontier)
CBL Cumberland, MD
CBS Columbus, OH
CGO Chicago, IL (Global One)
CHA Charlotte, NC
CHE Chicago, IL (Barr)
CHN Charleston, SC
CHW Chicago, IL (West)
CHI Chicago, IL (59th Street)
CIC Cicero, IL (Clyde)
CIN Cincinnati, OH (Queensgate)
COL Cayce, SC
DEC Decatur, IL
DET Detroit, MI (Rougemere)
DIX Dixiana, SC
DOR Newark, NJ (Doremus Avenue)
DST Detroit, MI (Sterling)
DTV Detroit MI (TrailVan Terminal)
ERW Erwin, TN
EVL Evansville, IN
FAI Fairburn, GA
FLO Florence, SC
FOS Fostoria, OH
FRA Framingham, MA
GAR Garrett, IN
GRP Grand Rapids, MI
GWD Greenwood, SC
HAM Hamlet, SC
IHB Chicago, IL (Blue Island Yard)
IND Indianapolis, IN (Avon)
JAX Jacksonville, FL
JES Jessup, MD
LAW Lawrenceville, GA
LEC Little Creek, NJ
LEF Little Ferry, NJ
LIM Lima, OH
LOR Lordstown, OH
LOU Louisville KY (Osborn)
MAR Marysville, OH
MAS Massena, NY
MEJ Memphis, TN (Johnson Yard)
MEM Memphis, TN (Avalon Street)
MET Metchen, NJ
MIA Miami, FL
MOB Mobile, AL
MTG Montgomery, AL
MUL Mulberry, FL
NAS Nashville, TN (Radnor)
NBS Detroit, MI (New Boston)
NHB North Bergen, NJ
NOL New Orleans, LA (East Bridge)
NYO Bronx, NY (Oak Point)
OAK Newark, NJ (Oak Island)
OBA Louisville, KY (O' Bannon)
OWB Owensboro, KY
PAV Camden, NJ (Pavonia)
PEN Pensacola, FL
PHL Philadelphia, PA (Greenwich)
POR Portsmouth, VA
POT Pottersburg, OH
PTH Port Huron, MI
PTN Port Newark, NJ
RIC Richmond, VA (Acca Yard)
RID Ridgefield Heights, NJ
RMT Rocky Mount, NC
ROS East St. Louis, IL (Rose Lake)
RUS Russell, KY
SAG Saginaw, MI
SAL Salem, IL (Union Pacific)
SAV Savannah, GA
SEL Albany, NY (Selkirk)
SMY Smyrna, TN
SOK South Kearny, NJ
STL East St. Louis, IL
SYR Syracuse, NY
TAF Taft, FL
THO East Thomas, AL
THT Terre Haute, IN
TOK Philadelphia, PA (East Side)
TOS Toledo, OH (Stanley)
TRR St. Louis, MO (TRRA Madison)
UPN Chicago, IL (Union Pacific Global Two)
UPP Chicago, IL (Union Pacific Proviso)
WAL Toledo, OH (Walbridge)
WAX Waycross, GA
WIN Winston, FL
WIX Wixom, MI (Lincoln)
WIE Willard, OH (East)
WIW Willard, OH (West)
WLM Wilmington, NC
WOR Worcester, MA
WSP West Springfield, MA
WWS Willow Springs, IL


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