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Greetings Railfans!

Since April of 2003, this has been the home for a variety of material that I have written over the years. Some of it has already been presented in various forums, including published in print and on a number of on-line media. Everything will now be consolodated here. If previously published on-line, it will be available at those locations at the discretion of those sites (or for as long as those sites are active), although no revisions or updates will be published anyplace but here.

Although this was once trying to be a broad-based resource, as time has gone by it has become more difficult to keep that up. Now, it is time to do just a couple things and to do them well: the couple of things are the Local Information/Selkirk Yard pages and the Technical Information pages. (Pages like the links page are still there, but are not really kept up to date, and the photo gallery never really took flight.)

All information here may be freely used and enjoyed for whatever use you see fit, but please read my disclaimer on the copyright page.

See you at Jericho Bridge! No you won't! It's gone: All of it! They took it all! While the bridge has been closed for some time, as of February (2016) the bridge, the ramps, everything is gone, and there's nothing now. On the north side a stub of the road is still left, but there's not a lot to be seen from there, just the auto racks; there's really nowhere left to park on the south side. The end of a long era.

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