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Along with simply watching a train go by, many people are also interested in knowing how a train works (I've always been). To that end I've written pieces on how modern locomotives work, how air brakes work, how railroad signalling work, and other subject areas, most of which I've reproduced here, along with links to other like resources (some of the links put my work to shame!).

Follows some material that should help the curious.

  • Diesel-Electric & Electric Locomotives

    There seems to be far more technical information that is far more readilly available on steam locomotives than on historical and contemporary non-steam locomotives: Here are my attempts to remedy those oversights.
  • Signalling

    There is now a wealth of information on signals and signalling technology available. This is not surprising, as a great deal of information concerning train movements may be gargered from watching trackside signals. Using Pennsy-style Position-Light Signals (what do you want -- I grew up on L.I.), here are my pages on representative signals, including sequences of signals approaching an interlocking or occupied block, with some alternative aspects, such as Amtrak color-position light, B&O color-position light, and NYC searchlights.
  • Additional information at off-site links

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