Christmas Greetings     

    from Doug and Pat Urquhart   

To enter our Virtual Christmas world, click on the picture above.

The background music is "The Holly and the Ivy".

If you haven't been here before, you might like to read the technical stuff below. It's important.

If the background music doesn't sound right, try resetting your midi player here. (Don't forget to close the little player window after use, or your machine will steadily become full of the little critters).
To view the Virtual World, You'll need the Viscape plugin, available from these good people. (If you haven't already done so, this would be a good time to upgrade to their latest version 5.0)

Our Christmas world includes MIDI Christmas carols, which will be downloaded onto your machine, and then played through your sound card. Your browser may be configured to prompt every time it does this. If you don't disable that feature while you're on this site, you are going to get very tired of it - the next page is going to download about twenty tunes!
Some browsers have a problem loading MIDI files directly from Virtual Reality worlds. I've avoided this by pre-loading all the MIDI files on the next page. Please be patient, and wait until they are all loaded before proceeding to the Virtual World.
The MIDI files used on this page were downloaded from these excellent sites:
Classical MIDI Archives Early Music MIDI by Curtis Clark The Classical MIDI Collection
To the best of my knowledge, no copyright was harmed during the making of this page.

You're welcome to visit our Home Page while you're here. How about a glass of sherry.