MRWC:An Environmental Educational Program

MRWC is a non-profit environmental education organization. Our purpose is to promote environmental education through the study of river basin systems.Our goals are: The River-Lab program, a unique science-based program of environmental study for grades 3-6, has been part of the science curriculum in Fairfield schools since 1969. At each grade level, classroom teaching is augmented by study-trips to the Mill River and the town's estuaries. These trips are led by trained volunteer guides who form the Mill River Wetland Study Group.
MRWC's objectives are to continue operating the River-Lab Program as a model of river basin education, in cooperation with the Fairfield public & other participating schools, and to publish the program for wider use.
Please join us and the participating schools in supporting the Fairfield River-Lab Program model, which requires part-time staffing as well as many volunteers.

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