It will take a short while to download a Virtual World into the frame on the right. (Or, if your browser is feeling particularly mischievous, it will load the virtual world first, so that you don't have anything to read!)
Use the controls at the bottom of the screen to control your viewpoint:
-   Up, down left right with the control on the left
-   Forward, Backward, turn left, turn right with the center control
-   Look Up, down using the control on the right
-   Click and drag to activate the control.
You can try clicking on various objects in the scene: some of them do things.
If the dreaded hourglass symbol should appear, it just means that you are travelling to a different Virtual World, at the breathtaking speed of the World Wide Web.
Hey, it's quicker than walking.
Or thereabouts.
Just be patient.
Try reading a book.
Books are nice.
If none of the above makes sense, because you just got some kind of you are about to download an unknown type of application type of message, then you need the Superscape plugin, available from these good people for the princely sum of $0.00