The History of Float-A-Keg

What year Float-A-Keg was that?  How many times has that  question been asked or discussed.  We have been so fortunate to have such a  great summer tradition with our friends and so many great memories that we  really should start keeping track of them.  Please read the History of  Float-A-Keg (draft form) and add your two cents.  For example:  what  year was it when we went to Christie's and Guido ordered all those pizza's from  Crapies?  We are looking for anything you  remember.

First off, what is Float-A-Keg?  If you've ever been to one, you know what it is and what's involved.  The question should be, do you know the history of this tradition that started over two decades ago?

The 1st Annual : 1982
        The first Float-A-Keg was held  on a Tuesday in early July back in 1982.  On a Tuesday, which was the 13th this year, because the Pilot Knob Boat Shop,

which Burr, Stew  and Chris worked at, was closed.   Not only was a day off a reason to celebrate,  Chris Irons' birthday falls on  the

13th of July.  The location was Sandy Bay in Cleverdale.  Perfect  swimming,  drinking, and girl watching.  Old hands Burr Austin,  Chris Irons, Stew Hodgkins, Greg Scheffler, and Dan H. were there. This

was the first summer after the first winter lake parties so many others were attending their first FAK.

The keg really did  float at FAK #1  There were no shirts, and certainly,  no food, but some very drunken people.

The keg was in a metal barrell with many, many bags of ice.

The 2nd Annual : 1983
       Float-A-Keg was  pretty much the same as the first.  Hey it was great the first time around, let's do it again! No shirts yet.

In  Sandy Bay of course. Better and broader attendance than FAK #1? A very memorable FAK.

Eric drove his moped Cleverdale, parked it at some random guy's house, and swam into Sandy bay from the Mooring Post marina.

To Stew's house in Cleverdale after and got out of hand. Anita Barlow won the "Drunk of the Year" prize hands down for loss of bladder control.

Burr and Heather Austin drove to PK by boat after to get cleaned up to go to the village, upon return to Stew's, a very drunken Stew Hodgkin's "accidentally" threw Heather in the Lake, messing up her perfect hair and clean outfit. She was not amused. We never made it to the village.

"Murder by Numbers" by the Police was on the radio.

The 3rdAnnual: 1984
        This was the first year to have shirts. Red baseball jerseys with a design by Stew.

Lots of beers, lots of food, a cooker on tent poles to keep it out of the water.

Mike Irons had a baseball game to play in so he left early, very drunk, with his uniform on, he proceeded to jump into the lake to get to Phil Austin's boat to get a ride to PK.

Some ended up at Phelp's island later that night and then spent the night in the "Apartment" in PK.

4th Annual: 1985
       Navy shirts with white letters which came off in the water.

I think this was Elizabeth Garfalo's virgin FAK experience

Burr Austin takes "Drunk of the Year" prize for falling asleep at the wheel of the Pantera and driving around in circles for hours in the middle of Sandy Bay. The police come after two kids row out and drive the boat in with it's "dead driver". The ambulance comes but Burr turns out to not be dead afterall. Phil picks up Burr and is not amused.

  5th Annual: 1986
       Red shirts with white letters

6th Annual: 1987
       FAK 6 was a two part deal. The normal early July date was rained out. We still went to the bay, stayed until 3-4pm and then gave up.

This is our only total rainout to date.....

The rescheduled FAK was in early August which turned out to be beautiful.

Light blue shirts with navy letters.

This was the LAST FAK in Sandy Bay. The installation of mooring bouys made FAK impossible. No more rafting of multiple boats allowed.

7th Annual: 1988

        First FAK to be held in Log Bay

We moored near the "Log" and set up volleyball.

Gold shirts with navy letters

8th Annual: 1989

Red shirts with navy letters

9th Annual: 1990

Blue shirts with fuschia letters

Possibly Guido's first FAK, maybe FAK 10.

10th Annual: 1991  A Decade of  Tradition 1981-1991 (note the year error)

Lime green shirts with black letters, first all cotton shirts, new design for the 10th anniversary.  Very rare, muscle shirts.  Only 2 in production. Very, very fun  year, great crowd, lobsters, clams, Molson.

11th Annual:  1992

White shirts with neon orange  letters, original pattern now on back with small front logo.

I believe this year we went to the Lodge at 2-3am and woke up Mike Irons and his many friends from Boston and tapped a third keg.

Dave Davis called the police who came, Guido was very polite to them. Guido also introduced himself to Fran Irons in the road at 3am.

It was coldish by 3am so Guido and Chase tore a blanket in half so they could each have a piece.

There may have been some late night waterskiing as well, not sure.

Anne was the life of the party, she kept us motivated almost until the sun came up.

12th Annual:  1993

Blue-green-yellow tie-dyed with  blue letters, original pattern returns to front of shirt.

One of the largest crowds and   largest consumption of beer.  Two kegs killed by 4pm and another one from a bar  in Bolton which we got via a very memorable ride in Chris Irons' 24 Pantera.

Went back to Chris and Brenda's campsite and reeked havok.

17  people in the seaducer(see photo). Hood and Gladys was even there.....

This year the Lyman almost sank due to overcrowding, it required much hand bailing before shoving off at the end of the day.

John Whalen drove his aluminum boat up onto Turtle Is.

A very good year except we pissed some people off severely.

13th Annual:  1994

White shirts with dark green  letters. Pattern back to original on back, small logo on front. This has remained to date.

New and improved floater put  into service.  Eric and Anne brought their sailboat for the first time.

Nancy hand  delivered shots of the Captin to all.  Year of the Hurricane. Fran Cloter cut her leg on the seaducers prop.

Laura  Dingman's first and last Float-A-Keg.  Coleman stove for cooking clams and  lobsters.  Cooked out at Rochelle's Grandmothers camp and Burt got lost.

Late night waterskiing definitely following clams at Chase camp. Fire in the wheelbarrow.

14th Annual:  1995

Heather grey with navy letters.

People came with kyaks and valuable accessories got lost.  One should know better not to bring anything worth anything to Float-A-Keg.

15th Annual:  1996

Thought we'd do something a little different, like something you could actually wear on the golf course.  Cream-colored collared shirts with maroon lettering.  How conservative.

Steve fashions a blender to his boat for frozen drinks.  Steve promotes Float-A-Keg to fellow med students.

Two Gerogetown attendees

Cards back in PK, we steal Dot Nebels pool table for the afterparty.

16th Annual:  1997

Dark green shirts with white letters.  These gems were 50/50 too!

Rob Dingmans bachelor party thrown in. Cards at PK after with many pizzas from the Capri.

17th Annual:  1998

White shirts with red letters.  No year, no date, no nothing.

Anne was pregnant.  Mike & Mo and Tim & Nancy just had their first babies in April and June and were not in attendance (legitimate excuse).  Rochelle and Brenda were able to get sitters for their babies.   Platform for floater built for 17th annual or 16th annual?

Clif Tinsley, a friend from medical school,  clearly wins the "Drunk of the Year" prize for vomitting lobster claws out his nose

Cards in PK after.

18th Annual:  1999

White shirts with maroon letters and the very rare, white shirts with maroon letters, size 2T for the children.  Only 5 in production and said "The Next Generation" on the front.  The shirts were year, no date, no nothing.

Babies arrive at their first Float-A-Keg!  Drake and Austin were in attendance, while Benjamin, Jake, Amanda, and Drew stayed behind. Last Clift FAK for a while.

SL takes the "Drunk of the Year" prize for too much contact with the Captain.

19th Annual:  2000
Heather grey shirts with forest green letters.  Had enough of the no year, no date.  Simply put, we couldn't tell which shirts were from when, so we did a redesign.

The shirts debut and commemorate the Lyman which had made it to every Float-A-Keg, except this one.

Cloudy day, cool, cigars, back to the Lodge afterwards. Never seen JW like that before or since, absolutely fabulous.

Jenn Whalen takes the "Drunk of the Year" prize by a strong margin.

20th Annual:   2001

Final FAK in Log Bay (FAK 7-20).

We knew it was the last "old style" FAK. Next years changes were already planned and was going to include lots of kids, move to Black Mtn Point, a whole new deal.

Soooo......Total blowout. Perfect weather. Joe and Jenn Gibson from medical school were suppose to get married at FAK 20 but forgot! and did it the next day on the porch in PK.

Tubed to the bay, lots of medical school people up for the wedding which didn't happen until Sunday. Village trip that night in the Lyman, Captain Morgan, blender, everything, dancing on the tables....

Fred and his gas powered blender. Fabulous daiquiris. Todd Leach and his Donzi GT21.

Joe Gibson (son of astronaut Edward George Gibson of SkyLab II) takes "Drunk of the Year" for forgetting to get married at the event and spending the whole day on shore trying to clear his head of the Captain. "Drunk of the Year" award retired.

21st Annual:   2002

First FAK at Black Mtn Point. Lots of kids, good showing, big cookout, floater. Event went very well at the new venue.

22nd Annual:    20003

Black Mtn Point again. Kids, waterskiing, good weather. John Hood! Last FAK trip for the Seaducer.

23rd Annual:     2004

Black Mtn Point. Cookout. Bart and his Hornitos Tequila, oh my......

24th Annual:    2005

Shutout from Black Mtn Point, moved to Commission Pt near Glen Is. Great turnout. Rochelle's return to FAK after a several year boycott. Kids jumped off the rock all day. Cookout, John Hood and his BOAT! too great. Dingman, Mazza, Heather, Rochelle, Eric, HOOD!, CIrons, + many, many others. No MIrons tho and Guido on call.

25th Annual:     2006

Silver Anniversary. Mike Irons makes his triumphant return to FAK. John Hood with his boat again, with some dialing in we got it up to 12mph! I think. Back to Black Mtn Point. Outran the rain on the way. Afterparty at the store.

26th Annual: 2007

Lousy forecast and Rain at 2pm stopped many goers.....Waterskiing, wakeboarding, rain came and went.

27th Annual: 2008

July 26th, 2008, Black Mtn Point. Lots of baseball on the field with many kids.

28th Annual: 2009

West Dollar Pavillion, docks 1-6, 5 & 6 in the cove. Lots of cliff jumping. Whalen, Chris, Eric, Steve, lots of kids. Heineken keg..Great weather.

29th Annual:2010

West Dollar Pavillion, docks 3,4,5,6. July 31st.