Race Across AMerica - RAAM

Dave Bogdan riding in the Race Across AMerica

At typically 3,100 miles (nearly 5,000 km) the Race Across America is almost certainly the longest and toughest single stage bicycle race in the world.

Dave Bogdan riding in the RAAMA Moulton bicycle has competed twice, first in 1987 when American rider Dave Bogdan rode an AM-Jubilee prototype, and again in 1988 on a prototype AM-Speed.

Dave completed the 1988 3,073 miles (4,944 km) ride between San Francisco and Washington DC in 10 days, 15 hours and 1 minute, coming 8th and improving his time by 17 hours over his 19987 time when he came 12th.

Dave's averaged 12 mph (19.3 km) and 289 miles (465 km) per day and slept only 26 hours in total. On both occasions, Dave arrived in good condition, and was one of the few riders able to sign his autograph on arrival at the finish line, thanks to the AM's front suspension.

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