'Liners I, II & III
- World Speed Record Technology

Liner II breaking the speed record

51.29mph (82.53kph),
unpaced cycling record over 200m

'Liner I broke the unpaced cycling record over 200m (conventional riding position), reaching 50.21mph (80.79kph) at 11th International Human Powered Speed Championships held in Indianapolis in late September 1985. The rider was Jim Glover.

'Liner II about to break the World Speed Record 'Liner II (illustrated), built from 'Liner I, was slightly lighter at 45lbs (20.75kg). At the 12th HPV Speed Championship in Vancouver in August 1986, Jim Glover rode the bicycle to set a new record at 51.29mph (82.53kph), which has yet to be beaten. Nearly 100 HPVs took part, but only a dozen or so were able to exceed 50 mph (80.45 kph).

'Liner III, built from 'Liner II, is potentially faster than either of its predecessors. However, it never fully achieved its potential - circumstances always seemed to conspire against it. In testing though, it has exceeded 55mph (88kph). It was, however, the overall winner at the International Festival of the Bicycle HPV event at Hull, Quebec in 1989.

While Liner's I and II were based on a modified production AM7, the Liner III, is based on a white prototype AM-SPEED and therefore weighed a little less than the 'Liner II. A unicrown front fork was used, similar to that on the AM-ATB, now APB, and the bottom bracket height was increased by jacking-up the rear suspension. This feature had been used in 'Liners I and II, and allowed the chainwheel to be incorporated within the fairing.

The transmission consists of 86 and 82 tooth chainwheels, driving a close-ratio 9, 10, 11, 12 tooth block, thus giving a gear range of 116 - 162".

The fairing, designed and built by Doug Milliken of New York, attaches to the AM's frame via the standard front and rear carrier mounting points. The main body of the fairing is cut from 6mm thick plastic foam-cored artist's board, with the clear panel formed from Lexan. The top and bottom vacuum-formed sections are high impact polystyrene for the opaque sections, and PETG for the clear panel. Aerodynamic wheel disks were added to the accurately balanced wheels, which would spin at about 1,000rpm. 'Liners I and II used standard AM-Wolber tyres inflated to 120psi. The 'Liner III uses Moulton-Wolber slicks run at 140psi.

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