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Aviation Q Codes

Steve Sconfienza, Ph.D.

Airline Transport Pilot

Flight Instructor: Airplane Single and Multiengine; Instrument Airplane

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Q Codes
Code Meaning
QDMMagnetic bearing to a direction finding beacon
QDRMagnetic bearing from the station
QFEAtmospheric pressure at aerodrome level (altimeter set to read height above field elevation)
QFUMagnetic orientation of runway in use
QNEReading in feet on an altimeter set to 1013.2 MilliBars, 29.92 inches (altimeter set to read flight levels)
QNHAltitude above mean sea level based on local station pressure (altimeter set to read height above sea level)
QTETrue line of position from a direction finding station
QUJTrue bearing

See more aviation Q codes at W2EGB (under Reference: Operating Codes).