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  18th Century Reproduction Costumes, Patterns and Research.

Above: Reproduction, 18th C. Silk brocade stays patterned after the mid-century english ones in "Costume Close Up".
In center: Draping a ladies caped riding coat, modeled after a c.1750 men's frock coat. Right: 1776 style frockcoat, waistcoat and shirt. Woolens from Wm. Booth, Draper

Visit my 18th Century costumes section.
Learn about dressing the part. See basic clothing guidelines for beginners. Posted from my clothing discussion at Ft. Ouiatenon on July 24th 2004.
If you are interested in obtaining reproduction 18th Century clothing or patterns for men or women, contact me by e-mail. I have a variety of patterns that I can adapt to about any size.
See a listing of my available designs.
See photographs of actual historical examples of 18th Century Stays
Now Updated! 18th Century Research Links
Yahoo 18th century news groups you should join, listen and learn from:
18cwoman | Beginning Living History | F&I woman | RevList | RevWarCostume

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Thyroid Cancer Support Group on Yahoo
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I have posted Pictures and a diary of my ThyCa experience. I hope others with this disease can learn from them and take away something positive.

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