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Styled Model B
Parts Catalog

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     These are most of the illustrations from PC-330, the Styled Model B parts catalog. This includes tractors starting at serial number 60000 and on up to the end of production.

     In general there are two diagrams to each section, the early styled (serial numbers B60000-B200999), and the late styled (serial numbers B201000-        ). In some cases (the valves, for example) the same diagram will apply to both.

     These files are jpeg pictures and they are going to be quite large. Loading will be slow. There will be a "back arrow" to return here after viewing each page.

Parts Catalogs
     Oh, by the way, you can get a SPECIAL EDITION of this parts catalog from Davenport Tractor.   All of the part numbers are listed and keyed to the illustrations you will see here.   The best part is, you can order one online, right NOW! Find out MORE about manuals, HERE.

The main transmission cases
Front end support and tool box
Oil filter head (B60000-B200999)
Oil filter head (B201000-       )
Oil filter body and pump
Cylinder block and head (B60000-B200999)
Cylinder block and head (B201000-       )
Crankshaft and pistons (B60000-B200999)
Crankshaft and pistons (B201000-       )
Valve assembly
Flywheel and associated parts
Pulleys and clutches
First reduction gear cover (B60000-B200999)
First reduction gear cover (B201000-       )
Fan assembly (B60000-B200999)
Fan assembly (B201000-       )
Governor assembly (B60000-B200999)
Governor assembly (B201000-       )
Wico Type "C" magneto
Wico Type "X" magneto
Starting and lighting equipment (B60000-B200999)
Wiring (B60000-B200999)
Wiring and lamp equipment (B201000-       )
Generator and mounting (B60000-B200999)
Starting motor (B96000-B200999)
Starting motor (B201000-       )
Carburetor (B1000-B200999)
Carburetor (B201000-       )
Throttle control (B60000-B200999)
Throttle control (B201000-       )
Cooling System (B60000-B200999)
Cooling System (B201000-       )
Shutter and controls (B60000-B200999)
Shutter and controls (B201000-       )
Fuel System (B60000-B200999)
Fuel System (B201000-       )
Fuel System (Gasoline) (B201000-       )
Hood assembly
Gauges (B60000-B200999)
Gauges (B201000-       )
Aircleaner and ventilator (B60000-B200999)
Aircleaner and ventilator pump (B201000-       )
Shift forks (B60000-B200999)
Shift forks (B201000-       )
Underdrive assemblies (B96000-B200999)
Transmission (B60000-B200999)
Transmission (B201000-       )
Final Drive
Drawbar (B60000-B186133)
Drawbar (B186134-       )
Power shaft (B60000-B200999)
Power shaft (B201000-       )
Brakes (B1000-B232467)
Brakes (B232468-       )
Seat and platform (B60000-B200999)
Seat, Battery box and platform (B201000-       )
Wide front end assembly (B60000-B200999)
Roll-o-matic front end assembly
Pedestal and steering assembly (B60000-B200999)
Pedestal and steering assembly (B201000-       )
Front wheels
Cast and pressed steel wheels
Powerlift (B60000-B200999)
Powerlift (B201000-       )
Power lift valve housing
Power-trol valve housing
Power-trol valve housing (continued)
Power-trol valve housing (continued)
Live hydraulic pump kit

See some information from the Owner's Manual