The Tractor

Fourbolt Model B

     Pictured above is the Model B in it's purest form, the way it originally came from the factory in 1934. To build one, all you need to do is find a transmission case with a serial number lower than B1509. The transmission case is the "main body" of the tractor. It is known as part number AB359, and it bears casting number 360R. Then, all you do is add the following parts:
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Cylinder block, head, crank, pistons and valves.
Governor and cooling system.
Oil pump, filter, fuel tanks, and hood.
Fan shaft and belt pulley.
Transmission and differential.
Brakes and rear end.
Front end support, pedestal, and steering.
Drawbar, aircleaner and seat.
Rear wheels.
Powerlift and Power take-off.
Skeleton rear wheels and fenders.

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